Felony charges are for more serious crimes and involve any crime where the sentence has the potential of a year or more in prison. Felonies can result in multiple years in behind bars, and include the possibility of life in prison and fines up to $100,000. Besides your sentence, having a felony conviction on your record, regardless of what it is for, will likely result in challenges throughout your lifetime, including problems with establishing employment or housing, being forbidden to own a firearm, and being barred from voting or holding public office in Virginia. Examples of felony charges include murder, possession or distribution of Schedule I/II controlled substances, a third DWI conviction, larceny of over $200, and rape.

The consequences of a felony conviction can be life-altering, and a Emporia and Greensville County criminal attorney can help work with you to determine a strategy that is in your best interest.
Violent Crimes – The FBI defines violent crimes as those that use force or the threat of force. These would include such crimes as murder, assault, robbery, and rape.
Non-Violent Crimes – These would be crimes that do not involve the use of force or threat of force, such as vandalism or larceny.

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